Motivation for Continued Improvements

It's all too easy to lack motivation, and find ourselves gradually doing less practice, and feeling less inspired to pick up the guitar.

It's easy to start focusing on 'negatives' - what we can't yet play, or constantly comparing ourselves to more accomplished players. When we then feed that negativity it will eventually lead to a gradual decline of enjoyment for guitar playing.

But we have a choice in what we think. We can choose to enjoy the whole process of improving!

Remind yourself how far you have come and how much you have learnt from the beginning of your playing. Focus on any small accomplishments, and give yourself permission to feel very proud of even the smallest improvements you notice in any area of your playing. This is paramount to self-motivation, and therefore seeing continued improvements. Maybe choose one small thing to work on/learn for that week and know that by the end of the week you WILL be better at it than you are now.  It's your most powerful tool...Your mind! This is also very important in other areas of life where we should try to improve ourselves, and not compare ourselves to others.

Enjoy the journey!