5 Minute Practice Routines

I'm going to give an example of a short but very effective daily practice routine that will help scale playing, speed development and right hand independence for fingerstyle players.

Choose a scale shape (eg: 2 Octave Major scale)
Play the scale only once but use each of the following right hand finger combinations in turn - im, mi, ia, ai, ma, am, ami, pami, pm, pa
Play to a metronome, increasing the speed by only 1bpm a day.

That's it. You'll be playing the scale 10 times (or less at first) with 10 different right hand methods. As you get faster, you'll be able to move onto other scale shapes.

I recommend more advanced players eventually try to play each of the 5 CAGED scale shapes using these 10 finger patterns. That means 50 scale repeats in just 5 minutes!

If you do this short method daily you'll soon see huge improvements in this area of practice, which can really boost motivation.

Have fun whilst working hard!